Appliance Enameling & Service

Our History

Appliance Enameling & Service has been a family owned and quality driven business for decades. Incorporated in 1972, Darrel Headley began slow transformation of a small, garage run business, to that of a corporation, serving from the west coast base all the way to the east coast, and overseas. AES was born as a company which would be called when appliances to be sold at major stores were transferred via the railroad, and upon delivery would inevitably have endured some damage throughout the journey. AES’s job was to survey the damage, and fix the scratches, dents, etc, to look new again, ready for the major companies to sell. Now, almost 40 years later, AES is run by Darrel’s sons, Mike and Steve Headley. The business has greatly expanded, and now not only services all the large supermarket chains in California, but remodels supermarkets in Washington, Illinois and other east coast areas.

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