New Universal Shelf

This is our new style universal shelf. The shelf has brackets that easily lock into the shelf and allow for interchangeability between the different manufacturers of cases. With this bracket style you can easily change a shelf from a Hussmann case to a Tyler case or even a Hill case and all you need to do is change out the brackets. This allows for cheaper shelf replacement because all that is needed, if you decide to put the shelves in a new case, is to change out the brackets to your specific case manufacturer. Ease of use and Interchangeability makes this shelf the right fit for your next remodeling.

For shelf bracket installation video
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Assembled  shelf Shelf with brackets interchangeable brackets Shelf in case

Assembled shelf

This is one of new style shelves fully assembled

Shelf with brackets

This shows how the brackets easily lock into the shelf

interchangeable brackets

This is the bracket out ouf the shelf with one of the interchangeable brackets on the shelf

Shelf in case

This is the shelf inside of a Hussmann case with Hussman style brackets